Pipe Bending Machine
Pipe Bending Machine

Single-head Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine. High-performance medium-sized pipe-bending machine with NC control  

A. Single-head Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine   


1.High-performance medium-sized pipe-bending machine with NC control  

2.Multi-groups of programs and multi-angle settings make the operation and program steeing simpler

3.Widely used in mass production and standardized products, such as: blasé pipe, seat, fender-guard and all the steel-pipe furniture, etc.

B.Single-head Hydraulic Three-dimensional Pipe Bending Machine



The most popular manual three-dimensional mode, high-precision machine tool, fits for processing the pipes of air-conditioners, electrical heaters, fender-guards for cars

C.CNC Pipe Bending Machine



D.Double-head Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine


High speed double-bending machine, with NC control, make the operation and program setting simpler, which is applied to automobome, seat, motorcycle, fender-guard, the furniture like tables and chairs inside and outside the office, etc.

E.Metal Pipe and Bar Chamfering Machine


1.Hand feeding, automatic blade driving and retracting, high speed, doubles the product capacity.

2.Fits for endface interior and extrenal angles of pipes and bars, can finish the rivering and coping in a single time with quickness and good accuracy.

3.To ensure the stability of the centerline between the processing piece and saw plate, the clamping die and saw plate are precisely designed and can finish the processing evenly at a single time.

4.The saw plate is specially designed, saw blade standardized, the adjustment of blade is easy and quick.

F.Grinding Machine 


1.This machine is easy to be operated, the cutting angle, tooth shape and tooth depth on the saw are easy to be adjusted, with a high precision, sharp and durable.

2.Quick adjustments can be made according to the various thickness of the coping saw bits.

3.The head section can be adjusted or swinged upward or downward freely and the beveling and coping can be without changing the abrasive disk.