AG Panel Roll Forming
AG Panel Roll Forming

The product from this roll forming machine are widely used roof or wall of fabrication building, such as the roof of garden, factory, hotel, exhibition center and villa, etc.

We can also offer the FINISHED PRODUCTS for kinds of special profiles according to customers’ drawings, such as:

1. fireproof and heat insulation door and window partition

2. fireproof curtain wall according to customers’ drawings

3. Photovoltaic Solar support

Roll Forming System for AG panel

1) The main frame of machine is welded separately and the outside wall is connected by screw after being rotoblasted on the surface.

2) Roller Material is high grade No.45 forged steel, with digital - controlled procession.

3) Shafts of roller are tooled by grinding machine for two times to ensure the precision of the final product.

4) The rollers are plated with hard chrome with thickness of 0.05 mm on the surface after being machined by the exact machine tool. So that ensures long life of forming rollers.

5) Shaft diameter is 3 inches.

6) Chain and gear move the line, motor drives. All working actions are controlled by Mitsubishi PLC electric cabinet automatically.

7) Suitable power voltage: 480V/60Hz, 3 phase (we can design according to customers requirement)

8) Line working speed (Forming Speed) 50 ft. per minute.

Profile Drawing for AG Roofing Panel Rollforming Line

Hydraulic Un-coiler—Roll Forming—Cutting—out table

process flow.png